This isn't like any dog boarding you've seen!

Inside one of our smaller cabins. All insulated with heat and AC. Nice Kuranda beds for all cabins.

Outside one of our small cabins. We have several size cabins for all size dogs. Each cabin has its own fenced play yard. They can freely go in and our.

We have special accommodations for little guys. Safe and super cozy. They even have their own enrichment program!

About Us

Every business has a tale to tell. And our story so far has been anything but ordinary! We navigated our share of stumbling blocks along the way (especially in the early days). But when we pulled together as a team, there was always one constant—the drive to perfect our craft and become a recognized name in our field. Even as our company has grown, we've never lost our desire to learn. And there are lessons to be learned with each new challenge.

Short Term Boarding

We have a 3 night minimum. Dogs must be social and we will ask for a temperament test. Short term is limited, however once you dog has been here you can easily reserve any time. Because most of the dogs are here long term we take special considerations for short term guest. We have very busy customers that need a few weeks here and there. We work with them to arrange transport or whatever we can do to make sure their dog is happy and safe.

Prices for short term boarding is based on space, not weight or size. Your dog must be social enough to share a cabin with other dogs. If your dog can't please see our private cabin options below.

$45.00 per day - This includes food 

Because of our style of boarding we do not offer discounts for additional dogs unless your stay is over 14 days.

Long Term Boarding

Flat Monthly Rate is discounted for 3 months or longer. Under 3 months is considered short term. $650.00 a month for the first dog then 350.00 for each additional dog. This rate is for very social dogs that can be boarded with other dogs. This monthly rate does not include food. Long term boarders must provide a proof of vaccines, micro chip and proof of sociability unless your are reserving a private cabin . If you live long distance you can get this from a vet or local dog daycare facility.

Discounts for military deployed requires active orders or enrollment. 


Private Cabin – Unsocial Dogs or Multiple Dogs

You can reserve a cabin without other dogs if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or would not do well in pack style boarding. This option could also be used to reserve an entire cabin if you have 3  dogs. Additional dogs beyond 3 is an additional charge.

If your dog proves to be aggressive towards other dogs this rate will be applied. Aggressive means with the intent to harm, not little disagreements, however if you dog can not behave in a social setting they need to be moved to a private cabin and will need special handling (extra walks, more staff attention, etc.)  When renting a private cabin you are welcome to being beds, toys, anything you want to set up in your private cabin.

Private Cabin rate is $1150.00 per month (three months or longer)
Private Cabin Short Term (under 3 months)  $90.00 per day

Pet Trust and Retirement

We have programs to help you set up a pet trust in the event you pass away unexpectedly. Pet retirement is for senior dogs or dogs with special needs that have busy owners. Imagine your senior coming to the farm where they can lay in the grass, play in the sun, get special attention from our well trained staff.  Email us for more information and pricing

Information on setting up a pet trust. Once we are contacted we send transport right away to pick up your dogs and follow your request.