Dog Training @ Dancing Creek Farm

We have several types of programs:


  • Basic Obedience
  • Off Leash
  • Noise and Motion Phobias (Thunder, Objects, Fireworks)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Service Dog Training
  • Training Dogs with Kids!
  • Virtual Dog Training

In addition to board and train we offer in-home training packages ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Our trainers work with dogs, kids and entire families to insure a beautiful connection and bond.

For 17 years we have earned a worldwide reputation in long term dog boarding and holistic canine health. People from all over the world trust our style of boarding. We now offer a beautiful combination of canine enrichment, holistic diet program and balanced dog training. This combination when used in board and train has been transformative for many dogs and families. We began offering dog training to help diversify revenue to continue our discounted long-term program for military deployed and families in transition. Over the past year and half, we’ve developed into a full-service board and train facility.

What makes Dancing Creek Farm truly unique is that we are a pack style boarding facility. There are distractions and lots of enrichment. Dogs are never placed in crates for most of the stay. They receive a lot more than just dog training. They enjoy nice climate controlled cabins, their own play area, lots of play and exercise. We believe dogs SHOULD be fully enriched on every level as well as good balanced dog training.

Once your dog checks in our team will add you to a group chat via WhatsApp. Throughout the week you'll receive videos, pics and a complete dialogue with our team. Once we arrange check out a one hour consultation is including. You can bring your whole family to learn commands and how to best maintain the structure of dog training. 

Your dog will do sessions with our trainers and throughout their stay our trained staff will continue to reinforce training protocols.

We do not have concrete runs. We do not keep dogs in crates other than to feed them or train them to be comfortable in a crate when needed. This truly is a DIFFERENT style of boarding and training.

We offer dog training for dogs of all ages- young and old, however we recommend dogs 5 months and older. We do not accept human aggressive dogs with any bite history, however we are happy to offer a referral. 


In its simplest form, Balanced Dog Training refers to any approach to dog training or behavior modification which involves the use of both reward-based techniques, and aversive consequences. In other words, the trainer shows the dog that their choices and behaviors can result in either pleasant or unpleasant results.

Not all dogs need E-Collar training. Some respond to simple motivation while others are more difficult. The goal is to keep your dog safe and to create a loving bond with YOU.


Actually, ecollars are much the same as a tens unit that us humans use frequently for physical therapy. There is no harm done to your dog. Every owner we train with has to first put the collar on themselves to feel what it’s like. E-Collars should be used by a professional FIRST and then the trainer can effectively and safely train the owner on the proper use of E-Collar.

Long Term Board and Train

If your dog is enrolled in long term boarding we offer a discount on dog training.  3 months or longer plus 650.00 for the first dog and $550.00 for additional dogs, same family. So if you have 2 dogs its 1200.00 on top of the discounted boarding. Dogs are intensively trained the first week or two then meet with the head trainer three a week for the duration on boarding as a refresher. Staff is trained to keep up training and commands to reinforce training.

The last week of check out an intensive refresher and the trainer writes up evaluation and instructions.  You'll meet with one of our trainers at check out to go over all commands. 

Long term board and train pricing includes one offsite training per month. This is in public to work on distractions and so you can take your dog anywhere! 

4 Week Board and Train - Social Dogs

Are 4 Week board and train is all inclusive.  It includes food, boarding, training; sit, stay, place, recall, off-leash. E-collar is price 200.00 Your dog must be able to share a cabin with other social dogs.
Price: 3000.00 first dog and 2500.00 each additional dog same cabin

4 Week Board and Train - Unsocial Dogs

Are 4 Week board and train is all inclusive.  It includes food, private cabin boarding, training; sit, stay, place, recall, off-leash , two offsite public training. Your dog will get additional runs and walking during this program.
Price: 2500.00 first dog and 2500.00 each additional dog.